Block of the Month Class

For Quilt Guild last month, I had a quilt shop owner come and present to the group. She talked about some of their new products, classes, and generally all the fun stuff that is happening at their shop. 

Quilt guild presentation

One of the classes she talked about was this awesome block of the month by Primitive Gatherings. 

Primitive Gatherings Quilt

The more she talked about it, the more I fell in love with it! I could handle half an hour and two blocks each month. So I signed up!

Primitive Gatherings Block of the Month

I am excited for this class! 

Each month they hand out the fabric for the next two blocks. 

Here is block #1. 

Primitive Gatherings Block 1

This one didn't take very long to put together. 

For the next block, I got it all cut out and started putting it together before I realized that it was block #3! I figured I was this far, so I just went with it!

Primitive Gatherings Block 3

These blocks are 6 inches square. So tiny! The star in the middle of block 3 is only 2 1/2 inches square. 

Sewing pieces next to my machine

The pattern says they started with the easy blocks, but wow, this block was tough. It took me a few hours, and the seams don't completely line up. I almost want to tear it apart and do it over again. But I think I am going to wait and see how the next blocks go. 

I am looking forward to the next class and the next blocks!

Have fun quilting!

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