Four New Things to Work On

Just like that, I have 4 WIPs that I started this week. I want to tell you about a couple of them. 

The pin wheel quilt from last week had to be paused. It is still waiting for me.

Sewing Machine patiently waiting for me

My daughter really needed some one-on-one, time so I told her about a project that my local quilt shop is working on. 

They are looking for donations of 20" x 24" doll quilts for a group called A Doll Like Me. This group makes dolls for children with disabilities. 

A Doll Like Me

(You can find more info here for this awesome cause.)

So my daughter and I decided to make two doll quilts for them. She went through my stash and picked out the fabrics. I cut out the squares and she laid them out. 

Laying out squares for a doll quilt

Then she sat my lap and sewed the squares together. 

Daughter using the sewing machine

She did a great job! She was so excited to use the foot pedal.

We now have both tops put together and will work on finishing them up this weekend. 

My next project is something for my local quilt guild. 

We have decided to put together a quilt top that will be donated to the Quilt Days Group. They put together quilts and hand quilt them. Then they have an auction every two years to raise funds for a different program at the LDS Hospital. 

Some had this quilt kit sitting around so we decided to use it. 

Quilt Kit for the Quilt top

It works well for our group because we are about half split between ladies who would rather piece together and ladies who would rather applique.

Fabrics for the quilt kit

There are a few adjustments we would like to make to the pattern then I get to cut out the pieces. 

Labeled fabric pieces

It has made me confused a couple times for the past couple days, but we are well on our way. 

This should be fun! 

What are you working on this week?

Have fun quilting!

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