Visit to the Utah Quilt Guild Museum

In Salt Lake City , Utah, there is a fun place to go called This is the Place Heritage Park. It is a place where people can go and learn about the Mormon Pioneers that settled the area. 

One of the exhibits that was donated was the Utah Quilt Guild Museum. I was super excited to see this because I obviously love quilting, and I am a member of the Utah Quilt Guild. 

Utah Quilt Guild Museum

The Guild was started by a lovely lady named Jean C. Christensen.  So here you can see the "President's Room."

Utah Quilt Guild Presidents Office

There is a brief history of the quilt guild and small things donated by past presidents. 

Presidents Office at Utah Quilt Guild

Upstairs is the Museum. Most of the items we either made by Jean C. Christensen or collected by her. 

There wasn't much info on this, but it looks like it was made with pieces of felt of thick handmade paper. 

Quilt made of felt of paper bits

There was some great information about quilts in general. 

Quilt history poster

Quilt history poster

Quilt history poster

These are quilts that were made by Jean C. Christensen. (Side Note: I LOVE these cupboards. You could hold and display so many quilts in them!)

Quilts made by Jean Christensen

This was totally out of the ordinary! It is a quilt with squirrel hides appliquéd on it! It was made in 1918 by 13 year old Annie S. Scolt.

Squirrel Quilt

This is a Feathered Star Quilt made in the mid-19th Century. 

Feathered Star Quilt

This is called the Rose of Sharon Quilt from about 1850. It has beautiful applique work.

Rose of Sharon Quilt

This is North Carolina Lily Quilt. They believe that the green fabric completely faded to white to blend in with the rest of the quilt. 

North Carolina Lily Quilt

The lower picture is what they believed it looked like. 

North Carolina Lily Quilt Sample

This is a Bow Tie Quilt that was made somewhere between 1870 and 1910 based on the fabrics and techniques they used to make it. Such a fun design!

Bow Tie Quilt

There were so many other cool things to see there! This is just a couple highlights. There was a whole other room just about lace making and the lace that Jean C. Christensen collected. I definitely recommend a visit to this lovely little spot!


  • Hi Nan! Thanks for your question. I am sorry I don’t know the name of that quilt.

    Becky Smith
  • What is the name of far right, red/green quilt in quilt case?

    Nan Smith

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