Variations on the Alana Quilt Pattern

This quilt has such a fun design that can very easily be expanded into different sizes. In the pattern I included everything you need to know to make it the size of a throw, a twin sized, a queen sized, and a king sized quilt.

Really it just depends on the number of blocks you make. 

The one I made was a twin size. It actually started out as a Christmas present for my youngest child. 

Teal is her absolute favorite color. She has a teal snuggle blanket that she will never let go of. So when I decided to make her a quilt, I chose colors that matched her blanket. 

She really loves it. She was super sweet and let me borrow it for a few minutes so I could take some pictures. 

I love how this design can support whatever colors you want to use. I played around with a few color combinations on my computer. Each one was a completely different quilt. 

red and black variation on the youngest daughter twin quilt

Blue, Red, Yellow, and White variation on the youngest daughter twin size quilt pattern

Purple, pink, and yellow variation on the Youngest Daughter Twin Quilt Pattern

Make it your own and send me a picture of what you create. I would love to see it!

If you have any questions please email me at

Have fun quilting!

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