Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest Quilt Show

This week I am hanging out at the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest. I will be taking classes, learning tons, browsing the vendors market, and admiring the quilts for the quilt show! 

Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest

These are just a few of my favorites from the quilt show. 

This one is titled Spot, Dots, Tittles and Jots by Linda Shafter and Mary Simpson. I love her use of ric-rac on this!

Spots, Dots, Tittles, and Jots Quilt

This one is called Selvage Spools by Liz Teerlink and Darcia Pinette. They used selvages as their threads! Isn't that cool!

Selvage Spools

This is Alice Keasler's Birthday Quilt bu Josephine Keasler and Connie Atkisson. It is a memory quilt with signature blocks. I love it!

Alice Keasler's Birthday Quilt

This is Mother Knows Best by Tracy May. I love the use of the buttons that spell out "Every Mother Crow Thinks Her Own Crow is the Blackest."

Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best Close up

This one is called Hope Chest by Linda Williams and Kim Peterson. I love the colors and the tiny piecing. I am not sure but those squares could be one inch big. 

Hope Chest

Hope Chest Close Up

This one is Spring Chicken by Lorrie Ryther Hall. Lorrie is a member of my local chapter of the quilt guild, and I made a version of this quilt too. I love how her version turned out!

Spring Chicken

This one is called Vintage Rose. It is made by Nancy Hutchinson and Tammy Jewkes. I absolutely love the border and the quilting on it!

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose Close Up

This is Sweet Urban Chiks by Mary-Jo Stringham. This is such a fun quilt. It looks like the edges were couched. She calls it Blooming Bias. It makes it look so soft!

Sweet Urban Chiks

Sweet Urban Chiks Close Up

This is Bri's Blooming Garden by Karen Christensen and Cindy Denkers.  This looks like any old quilt at first but it is actually make with 3-D blocks! Such a a fun one to explore! I love the idea.

Bri's Blooming Garden

Bri's Blooming Garden Close Up

This is Cheryl's Grandmother's Garden by Cheryl Barlow. This is another fantastic member of my local chapter. It took her 7 years to make all the flowers and 532 hours to hand quilt it! She is amazing like that! It also won the Best of Hand Quilting prize!

Cheryl's Grandmothers Garden

Cheryl's Grandmothers Garden Close Up

This is The Grim Ripper by Barbara Walsh and Virginia Gore. This one just makes me laugh!

The Grim Ripper

This is Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them by Leiloni Janell Johnson and Monica Steelman. I love this one because my daughter is really into fantasy books like these and it reminds me of her. I also love all the details!!

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

It was such a fun show! I love going to these things, seeing all the fun details, colors and designs, and recognizing the names on these works of art!

Next I will write about the classes I took.

Have fun quilting!

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