Stitches for Tying a Quilt - Knotted Stitch

This is the next installment of this series of how to tie quilting knots in quilts. Quilting bee style! 

For the last couple weeks, I have been helping a lovely group of ladies tie quilts for seniors that are graduating from high school. About half of the ladies that came to help had never tied a quilt before. 

Quilting Bee

So we had fun learning and quilting together.

Today I will be sharing the second of three quilt tying stitches that I know.  This one is one of the more well known stitches.

Start by going down through all layers and up again about a quarter inch away.

International Stitch

Pull the thread through until you have about a two or three inch tail hanging out. 

International Stitch

Then tie a square knot using all the threads. 

Knotted Quilting Stitch

Pull the thread tight, then move on to the next stitch and cut the threads so they are all the same length. 

This one is easy to do, and once you get into the rhythm of tying the knots I moves really quickly. 

Check out a future blog posts for a tutorial on the crows feet stitch.

Have fun quilting!

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