Quilting Inspiration

After I started free motion quilting, I got stuck in a rut. I was really good at one pattern, so I kept using that pattern. Then I got tired of it. So I started looking for more inspiration. 

Here are some of the top places I like to go to for inspiration. 

Quilt Shows

When I go to quilt shows, I take along a graphing paper notebook. Sometimes they don't allow pictures to be taken. So while I wander around admiring the quilts, I take notes on the quilting patterns and techniques I want to try. 

Quilting notes written in a notebook



There are two books that I go to for quick inspiration.  The first is Shape by Shape by Angela Walters.

Shape By Shape by Angela Walters

It is really nice because the book is organized by shape. It gives lots of ideas on how to fill that space. I found this book on Amazon.

The second book is 501 Quilting Motifs from the editors of the Quiltmaker Magazine. It is organized by theme i.e children, feathers, flowers, etc. I found it at Joanns.

501 Quilting Motifs by the editors of Quiltmaker Magazine



There is lots of pins on Pinterest. I have boards devoted to quilt ideas, quilting techniques, and quilting fabrics. Whenever I get ideas from the internet, I make sure that I am not abusing copyright.  Lots of people put lots of time and energy into their patterns and products. Not to mention that stealing is wrong. But it's fine to look for inspiration to develop your own ideas. 

Once I find some inspiration, then it is time to practice. Practice a bunch, especially on new ideas.

Good luck finding inspiration, and have fun sewing!


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