Making a Quilter's Knot

What is a quilter's knot? 

A quilters knot is a quick little knot that quilters use, specifically when hand piecing or quilting. It is super fast to make and easy to use.

I am right handed, so this is how I do it.

Step one: Pinch the end of the thread between the needle and the pointer finger. I use my thumb and middle finger to hold the needle.

Quilters Knot step 1

Step 2: I wrap the thread around the needle a few times.  The more times it is wrapped around, the bigger knot you get. I usually do it three or four times. 

Quilters knot step 2

Step 3: I put my thumb over the wound up thread and hold it in place. While i have it pinched in my fingers, I pull the needle through the wound up thread with my left hand. Keep the the thread between the fingers. 

Quilters knot step 3

Step 4: Keep pulling till the thread goes tight. You will feel the knot form in your fingers. Pull till tight. 

Quilters Knot Step 4

There you go! I perfectly formed knot ready for hand stitching and hand quilting. 

Needle and Thread

Have fun quilting with your knots! (Hopefully only the right kind of knots!)

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