Some of My Favorite Things

Today, I would like to share some of my favorite things in my sewing room!

These are a few of my favorite things

(Yes, I love The Sound of Music, and yes, that song is now stuck in my head.)

In no particular order...

The first thing is large, thick pins with big heads. Most people do not like these, but I don't usually use them to pin things together. I use them to pin quilts to the carpet when I am blocking them. They are thick and sturdy and do the job.

Big Pins with Big heads

Next, I love my Gingher Scissors. I have multiple pairs but the ones I use most are my 5 inch and 12 inch pairs. The 12 inch set are great for trimming back batting and making big rough cuts. The little ones are great for keeping next to my sewing machine and trimming threads as I sew. 

Gingher Scissors

Of course I love my sewing machine! It is a Brother Innovis 80. It is not the top of the line, but I saved up a while for it and it does lots of things. I make jean quilts with it and free motion quilt on it.  For the longest time I sewed on a 20 year old Kenmore that I got from a bog box store. My philosophy is that if you take care of your machine, it will take care of you.

Brother Innovis 80 Sewing Machine

Next, I love things that add organization to my life. These project bags are great for on the projects, and keeping things together. I have one just for all my hand quilting supplies. 

Transparent Project Bags

Finally, I love notebooks. I am a list-maker and they help me stay organized. For example, I have a couple for pattern ideas, one for my business ideas, and even one for my grocery lists.


In general, I am not a fancy, frilly type person. I mostly just use things that help me get the job done. 

What are some of your favorite quilting and sewing things?

Have fun quilting!

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