Setting Goals For the New Year

Every new year brings about the idea of starting over and doing your best to make this coming up year the best one yet. 

Stack of Quilts

I don't usually set New Year's resolutions. But I do set goals for my business. I feel like these goals help me move forward instead of getting stuck in the mud. 

I write my goals down in my planning notebook. Then I look at them once a month. I set a small goal every month that helps me move forward with my bigger goals. 

Remember that goals need to be specific and obtainable. Try and set a numeric amount or a date with it. I.e. Sell 50 patterns by the end of the month. 

I always try to keep in mind that it's ok if the goal doesn't happen. The best thing is accomplishing the goal, but as long as there is movement forward, that is great too. 

I accomplished about 75% of my goals for 2019. Some of these will roll forward to 2020. 

Do you have any resolutions or goals that you are setting this year?

Have fun quilting!

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