Recent Baby Quilts

Recently, I had the opportunity to make some awesome baby quilts for some adorable babies that are about to make their entrance into this world. 

This first quilt was commissioned by an excited aunt. She requested something with pink and a sheep included somewhere. 

Pink and Grey Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

I found this cute sheep fabric on Etsy and pulled some other fun fabrics from my stash. I had recently discovered how fun a disappearing nine patch is, so that dictated the design of the quilt. 

Disappearing Nine Patch quilt at the sewing machine

This quilt is for a long awaited, almost nephew. The family is die hard University of Utah Football fans. When I asked my daughter how the quilt should look, she came up with this idea. 

University of Utah Football Field Baby Quilt

We looked up what the field looks like, then I found the green field panel and added the red embellishments. It will be perfect for snuggling in at his first game!

University of Utah Football Field Quilt with Football Print on the back

Last, this quilt is for a soon-to-be niece. Her family really likes going to the zoo. Her sister might end up claiming this quilt as her own!

Fun Zoo and Vehicle Print Panel Baby Quilt

This is a panel. I added a flying geese border in green and yellow and did some swirly all-over quilting. 

Close up of Fun Zoo and Vehicle Quilt Panel Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are so fun. They are such a quick win and small commitment. Also, the babies are always so cute!

Have fun quilting!

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  • I love the football quilt! It will be well loved.

    Shirley Soellner

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