Sweets and Stash Swap - Great Guild Meeting Idea

I participate in a lovely quilt guild with about 20 ladies from my area. We meet once a month in the classroom of a local quilt shop. For April's meeting we had a "Sweets and Stash Swap." What is that you ask? It is such a fun idea that I thought would be fun to try out!

I gave all the ladies a few months notice that they needed to start cleaning out their stash. This could be their quilting stash or any other crafty type things. They needed to find all the items they didn't want, couldn't use, or just wanted to get rid of.

Ladies browsing at the Stash Swap

Then on the coordinated evening, they brought those items, along with a dessert to share, and a friend. (all items were optional to bring of course.)

Ladies shopping at the stash swap

We circled the tables in the room, and everyone laid out the items. They had the choice to sell the items or just give them away. If they wanted to sell them, they needed to put price tags on them.  We had a separate table set up for the desserts. (That is where the Sweets part comes in from the name.) 


After we finished all the guild business, they ladies were let loose to browse, shop, eat sweets, and just generally socialize. 

Quilt Guild Ladies browsing at the stash swap

I lots of good feedback and everyone seemed to have fun. 

At the end of the meeting, the quilt shop owner told me about a lady that makes quilts to donate and she was always accepting free fabric. So any quilting fabric we had left over we donated to her. 

I was able to clear out a bunch of things and help some people out too! 

This is definitely something we will be doing again!

Have fun quilting!

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