Spread the Love by Donating Quilts!

Now that Spring Cleaning is done, did you find a giant stack of quilts? Did you say to yourself, "What am I going to do with all these quilts?"

One option is donations!

I have mentioned a few charities in previous posts. But, I have put together a generic list of places that might accept quilt donations. This will vary with each location and organization.  Please contact the organization before you decide to donate to them. Some may not be accepting donations at that time, or have special specifications for the quilts they can accept. 

Hospitals, Hospice, or Cancer Treatment Centers - Patients with long term stays can miss home and a quilt can bring them comfort when they are trying to heal. Patents getting infusions, chemotherapy, or dialysis can get cold easily, so a quilt can keep them warm.

Kids Quilts for Police Cars - Quilts are given to kids when they interact with police during an emergency call. This provides some comfort for what can be a very scary time for them. 

Animal Shelters - Small quilts can be placed in kennels or cages for scared and frightened animals. 

Homeless Shelters or Transitional Living Centers - Quilts can be great comfort when someone does not have a bed or a place of their own to live.

Quilts of Valor - Quilts are given to Veterans who have been touched by war for love and comfort.  Wounded Warrior Project also helps veterans and accepts quilts. 

Fisher House Foundation and Ronald McDonald House - These provide housing for Veterans and those with medical needs.

Humanitarian Aid - Lots of organizations provide help to countries that are dealing with natural disasters, famine, medical needs, war, etc. Please research each one to make sure they are legitimate. 

Churches - Church leaders can distribute quilts to people in their congregation or in their community that are in need and provide some comfort. 

If you have more suggestions for more organizations that accept quilt donations, please leave a comment below.

Have fun quilting!

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