Precuts - Fat Quarters, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Etc.

Fabric Precuts are a great way to get a whole set of fabric without investing a whole ton of money into it. It's like a sample set of a whole fabric line, and they already coordinate!

Jelly Rolls

They come in lots of different cuts to go with lots of different projects. 

Precuts - Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls

Here is a list of some of the precuts that are available. 

Fat Quarter - This is a quarter of a yard, not cut as a strip, but like a quarter of a pie. It usually measures about 18" x 22", depending on how wide the fabric is. These might be sold as a bundle of multiple fat quarters, or a Fat Stack. 

Fat Eighth - Like a Fat Quarter, these are cuts of fabric that measure 9" x 22".

Layer Cake - Stack of 10" squares. Usually comes in a set of 40.

Charm Pack - Stack of 5" squares. Usually comes in a set of 40.

Mini Charm Pack - Stack of 2.5" squares. Usually comes in a set of 40. 

Jelly Roll - This a set of strips of 2.5" cut to the width of the fabric. I have seen these sold as sets of 20 or 40 strips rolled together. 

Honey Bun - These are are just like Jelly Rolls except the strips are 1.5" wide. 

Precut Fabrics

Most precuts are offered in designer's lines, or sometimes as sets of solids.

Fat Quarters

Some patterns are classified as precut friendly, jelly roll friendly, or fat quarter friendly, because they are good patterns to use with your precuts. 

Jelly Rolls

My favorite precuts are fat quarters because I can grab one or two pretty ones and not spend a lot of money. I also really like Mini Charm Packs. I just love tiny things!

Precut Fabrics - Layer Cakes

Thank you to Quilter's Attic in Bountiful, Utah for letting me take pictures of their beautiful selection of fabrics. 

Have fun quilting (and collecting fabric!)


  • Hi Penny!
    I am sorry, I do not. I was just walking around my local quilt shop, taking pictures. I bet if you contact your local quilt shop they can help you find one. Good luck!!

    Becky Smith
  • Do you have a layer cake in black,red and white.
    Example. Red and black
    Red and white
    All three red, black and white
    I need white not cream. Thanks

    Penny Burroughs

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