Now Available: Printable How-To Block of the Month

What started out as an educational opportunity for my local quilt guild, has turned into a multi year project! Each month I post on my blog how to put together a different quilt block. 

Blue, Teal and White Quilt Block sitting on an ironing board with an iron

So basically it is like a Block of the Month. But this is not a formal Block of the Month like you are familiar with. There is no end goal, no giant quilt to put together, unless you really want to. It is just a fun excuse to put together some fun blocks. Do whatever you want with them!

These blocks are great for beginning to intermediate quilters who understand basic piecing. There is no applique in this pattern.

All of these blocks are available on my blog, but I have also grouped these blocks together into 5-6 blocks each into an easy PDF printable that is available here, as a digital download in my shop.

This is what is included in Group 1. 

Rolling Star Quilt Block

Dandy Quilt Block

Single Irish Chain Quilt Block

Roman Stripe Quilt Block

Squares and Stripes Quilt Block

Group 1 of the How-To Block of the Month

This is what is included in Group 2.

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Ohio Star Quilt Block

Windy Night Quilt Block

Postage Stamp Quilt Block

Louisiana Quilt Block

Ombre Quilt Block

Group 2 of the How-To Block of the Month

This is what is included in Group 3.

Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block

Spool Quilt Block

Road to the White House Quilt Block

Rising Star Quilt Block

Combination Star Quilt Block

Wild Geese Quilt Block

Group 3 of the How-To Block of the Month

This is what is included in Group 4.

Meteor Quilt Block

Our Editor Quilt Block

Flying Around Quilt Block

Utah Star Quilt Block

Medallion Quilt Block

Amish Star Quilt Block

Group 4 of the How-To Block of the Month

Remember, these are available as an easy PDF printable here, as a digital download in my shop.

To find all the blog posts, search on this website for 'Quilt Guild Block of the Month'. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or email me at

Have fun quilting!


  • Hi Anne! Thanks for your comment. Each block has 1-2 pages of instructions and a few pictures. The instructions are basically just like the blog posts that go with each block, but there are more pictures on the blog post.
    (Here is a link to the latest blog post – )

    Each block’s instructions are separate from each other so you don’t have to print the whole thing to get instructions for only one block. If you would like a sample, please email me at and I would be happy to send you a sample.
    Thanks for asking!

    Becky Smith
  • Could we see a small sample of what the instructions look like? I don’t mind printing my own, however a large group I wanted to be a part of only had like 2 small pictures of 1 block (hst) or such per page. There was 22 pages to the pattern. I don’t pay for ink on my system, but I pay for every printed page. I dropped them like a hot potato. That is senseless. I just don’t want to make that mistake again, so I am asking up front. Thank you for your understanding & patience. -A


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