New Pattern Available - Reclaimed Denim Picnic Quilt

Now available: The Reclaimed Denim Picnic Quilt Patterns!

Give denim a new life while making memories with these original quilts. The pattern is perfect for quilters looking for a sustainable way to repurpose worn denim into a durable, modern heirloom.

The "Again and Again" Quilt Tope from reclaimed denim

 Over and Over Quilt from reclaimed denim

These two quilt tops are made from used denim jeans This is a great way to use up those old jean you have laying around. Each quilt will be completely original with each pair of pants having different colors, shades, wear patterns, patches, pockets, and prints. These denim quilts are great for those picnics in the park. The thick denim will protect you from mud and cold itchy grass. It also works great as a sports blanket for protection from those cold, chilly stadium seats. I enjoy keeping a denim quilt in the back of my car for emergencies or cold car rides!

This packet includes the pattern for both denim quilts: The "Again and Again" Quilt and the "Over and Over" Quilt.

Also included are tips for gathering denim, where to find it, how to prepare it, and how to cut it for sewing. Also, there are tips for batting selection.

These are great quilts for beginning quilters. It only uses straight line seams!

Finished size for the "Again and Again" Quilt is 76 x 76 inches.

Finished size for the "Over and Over" Quilt is 76 x 60 inches.

 Denim roll

This pattern lets you upcycle your beloved denim while creating a cozy, eco-friendly quilt. Turn scraps into heirlooms and reduce waste with this creative, one-of-a-kind pattern. Your old jeans will love their new life as a handmade quilt you'll treasure for years.

Download the full Reclaimed Denim Picnic Quilt pattern now! Just click here.

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Have fun quilting!

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