My Work Space and Sewing Room

Today I would like to share my Work Space/Sewing Room. 

This room is not perfect or instagram worthy, but I love it! 

I went many years, in my previous home, having a work space that was just a card table in the corner of my family room. My kid's toys took up more room than my sewing area. 

Last year, we moved into our new home. Now I have my own room for sewing! (Except for the bunk bed I share the room with.) 

My Work Space and Sewing Room

I have a cutting area with my trusty card table and rotary cutting mat. I sometimes use this as my office desk.

My Work Space and Sewing Room

I have a permanent spot for my sewing machine on a desk with lots of drawers for my sweets stash! 

My Work Space and Sewing Room

I have mini quilts and an inspiration board decorating the walls. 

My Work Space and Sewing Room

My sewing machine is a Brother Innovis 80. It's one of the smaller machines they offer, but I can quilt a king size quilt on it! It is my little work horse. 

My Work Space and Sewing Room

I have some awesome shelves for my fabric stash, that is organized by color. It also holds all my books, rulers, ironing supplies, and thread. It is super full but works great!

My Work Space and Sewing Room

I love my area. It is perfect just for me and that what it needs to be. 

Guess what else it has?!? A door! I can close it and walk away, and know that everything will be safe!

Have fun quilting!


  • Kate – Oh no!! Those darn storms!!

    Becky Smith
  • I am Green with envy. IAM enshrined in the basement. Of course there was a freek strom. Sure water poured in. I had no idea water could go so many places. But someday it will be really nice. I don’t have a bunkbed. I have a washer and dryer. That’s not so bad! Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope. K


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