Making Masks

I am finally feeling like I am getting my feet under me again. No one is sick, and home school has become normal for the kids. So I feel like I can spend some more time in my sewing room. 

So this week I volunteered with Project Protect to make medical grade masks for medical workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Making Masks

This is an organization that is being put together by Intermountain Healthcare, University of Utah Health, and Latter-day Saint Charities. They provide the materials and instructions, and the volunteers sew the masks at home. The volunteers then drop the masks back off, they are sanitized, then distributed to Health Care Providers. They want to make 5 million masks in 5 weeks!

So here is what my kit looks like. There is a main piece and two straps. 

Paper fabric for masks


Here is the stack of 100 main pieces. 

Stack of 100 pieces of fabric

The main pieces are sewn together, then pleated. 

Sewing the Pleats on the masks

Then the straps are put on. Pretty simple!

Sewing on the ties for the masks

Each one takes about 5 minutes. So 500 minutes is about 8 hours and 20 minutes. They ask that you give yourself about 10-12 hours to do it, depending on your skill level. They give you 5 days to do it. 

Here is 100 completed masks. 

100 completed masks

If you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah, USA area I totally recommend volunteering for this cause. 

Have fun quilting! (Or making masks!)

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