Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Quilt

On my recent vacation through Oregon, we stopped at Fort Clatsop or the Lewis and Clark National Monument.

One of the many cool things we saw was this quilt! 

Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Quilt. Made by 8th graders

Here is the description that went along with it:

Label and explanation of Quilt

"Corps of Discovery’s Journey Quilt

As one unit in their 8th grade U.S. History class, these students researched individual topics about the Corps of Discovery’s journey to the Pacific. 

After visiting Fort Clatsop, each student chose a discovery or fact to research, compose an essay and then present their findings. The work culminated in the creation of a quilt square representing their topic. Their teacher, Mrs. Kraft, pieced the squares together. 

These students are now sophomores at Warrenton High School and are proud to present the completed quilt for viewing. 

A special thanks goes to the members of the School House Quilter’s guild, Sali Diamond and Jacki Holland for their volunteer hours spent working with the students. Also, Amy Keeling for machine quilting our quilt. 

Mrs. Kraft, Warrenton High School"


It is fun to find quilts in seemingly random places. It also shows that anyone can quilt, and you can make a quilt about anything!

Have fun quilting!

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