Information to Give With a Quilt

Quilts can be a precious keepsake that can survive for generations, as long as they are taken care of. 

I have started to write up a few things to share about each quilt I make, and share it with the recipients of that quilt. Each one is different depending on the quilt, but here is some of the things I might share. 

Care Instructions for your new quilt on a quilty background

1. It's OK to use the quilt! Snuggle up to it and please be kind to it. Alternatively, display it for everyone to enjoy!

Small quilt on display with a picture

2. How to wash your quilt. Use a gentile detergent. Hand wash in a large tub of cool water and rinse thoroughly or machine wash on gentile cycle. 

Fabric in Washer

3. If you are concerned about fabrics bleeding, use Color Catchers in the wash cycle. Sometimes I include some Color Catchers with the Care Instructions. 

Detergent and Color Catchers

4. How to dry your quilt. It is preferred to lay your quilt flat and air dry. Otherwise, machine dry on a low temp, gentile cycle. 

5. To store, do not seal it up in a plastic bag. Quilts like to breathe. Fold and keep it in a box or cupboard. Air out and refold every 6 months to prevent permanent creases. 

 Folded Quilts

6. History of the Quilt. Why is was made, who made it, what was the inspiration behind it.

7. The kind of fabric and batting it is made out of. 

8. Any awards or recognitions the quilt has received or appraisal information.

I find these instructions are usually well received and it helps the recipients to know that these quilts are made to be loved. 

Have fun quilting!

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