I am the Featured Designer of the Month for IAQ!

Do you remember in May, when I announced that I was going to be a featured designer for the IAQ? Well the time is here! Welcome to July!

For the International Association of Quilters I will be sharing a pattern for this fun throw quilt that is called Color Seeds.

Color Seeds Quilt

I have been having so much fun working on it for the part few months. 

My Sewing machine

I am also sharing this block for the Night Sky Mystery Quilt Along. 

Windy Night Block

The instructions for this block are in two places. You can either scroll down on this blog post and print it there. Or you can download them in a convenient PDF format for free from my shop. You will have to go through the check out process, but you will not have to give any payment information. 

I am so excited to be apart of this fun group and I am super honored to be July's Designer of the Month! If you would like more information about joining this group, please click here. The group is currently closed till September, but you can be added to a waiting list. (There is also an awesome discount code for members only of this group to purchase patterns from my shop!)


Here are the instructions for the Night Sky Mystery Quilt Along Block #7.

I call it the Windy Night Block.

Windy Night Block

This block has a lot of pieces, but when you break it down, it is pretty easy. 

This is a 12 inch finished block size. 


Background (White)               

6 of 5 inch squares                

Light color for zig zags and center (Light Blue)

6 of 5 inch squares

2 of 2 1/2 inch square

Star Background (Teal)

1 of 5 inch square

4 of 2 inch squares

Star Main Color (Dark Blue)       

1 of 5 inch square

2 of 2 1/2 inch squares

For a scrappy look, use different fabrics with the same value.


  1. Using the 2 1/2 inch squares, make 4 half square triangles.  To do this, place a light blue and a dark blue square right sides together. Draw one line diagonally across the light square. Stitch 1/4” away from the line on both sides. Cut on the line, creating two half square triangles. Press to the dark side. Trim to 2 inches square.
  2. Using the 5 inch squares, create 8 half square triangles from each set. Draw 4 lines on the wrong sides of the white squares and the teal square. It should look like the diagram below. Two lines that go corner to corner, a line horizontal in the middle, and a line vertical in the middle.
  3. Match the teal square, right sides together, with the dark blue square. Match the white square, right sides together, with the light blue squares. Sew a scant 1/4 inch away, on both sides of each of the diagonal lines. Cut on all drawn lines. This should give you 8 half square triangles for each set of 5 inch squares. Press to the dark sides. Trim to 2 inches square.
  4. You should now have 60 half square triangle blocks. Along with the 2 inch teal squares, lay them all out in the order shown on the diagram. Sew them together in rows. Press the rows in opposite directions. Then sew the rows together, nesting the seams. Press flat. 

Cutting Lines






    Windy Night Block





There you have it!


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

Thanks for stopping by and have fun quilting!

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  • Thank you for the free patterns and the coupon! I am excited to do the mystery block and have downloaded the free quilt pattern as well as one I purchased. Just got some new fabric yesterday and now I have new patterns to go with it.
    Thanks again!

    Lisa Lyons

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