How to Make Half Rectangle Triangles (HRTs)

Today, I would like to share something I just figured out! Let's talk about Half Rectangle Triangles.  

For each set of two, you will need two rectangles. Both the same size. To figure out the dimensions of the rectangle, take your desired finished length of the HRTs and add 2 inches. Then take your desired finished width of the HRTs and add 1 inch.

I want finished HRTs that are 3 x 1 1/2 inches, so I will cut two rectangles that are 5 x 2 1/2 inches. 

Two blue fabric rectangles

 Next, place the rectangles right side together with opposing corners lined up, like in the picture. 

Rectangles layered corner to corner on the right

 Make sure that you have them lined up the correct way. Unlike half square triangles, you can't just flip them around to get them facing the correct way. 

So you will need to know if the top corners need to be touching on the left or the right. 

Rectangles layered corner to corner on the left

 Draw a line, touching corners to touching corners, then stitch a scant 1/4 inch away from the line on both sides. Then cut on the line and press open. You will end up with two half rectangle triangles that look like this...

Half Rectangle Triangles pointing to the right

 ...or this. 

Half Rectangle Triangles pointing to the left

Next trim them down to size. To do this, make sure the seam meets in both corners and cut to size. This is what my trimmings look like. 

Half Rectangle Triangles after trimming

 I used these HRTs to make this Utah Star block. They have a wide variety of uses in lots of diverse quilt blocks.

Half Rectangle Triangles used to make the Utah Star Quilt Block

How are you going to use your Half Rectangle Triangles? 

Have fun quilting!


  • I so needed this. I am 1. spatially challenged & 2. have to make all my HST bigger so I can trim. :) I have always been afraid to try HRT but with this I may go find a pattern to try it out. thanks!

    Pamela Reim
  • I love this! Thank you for sharing

    Pamela Moore
  • Wow that is so much easier – THANK YOU

    Kathryn Maguire

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