Hanging a Quilt on a Wall Using a Curtain Rod

I have always wanted a spot that I could hang my quilts on the wall and display them. This wall is the perfect spot! A sunny room but no direct sunlight. It's just off the living room so I can show off my work!

There are lots of quilt hanging systems out there. Some are better than others. I went for the cheap, sturdy, not ugly looking one. This one works great for me!

(Hint: It is a curtain rod!)

Quilt hanging on the wall

 I measured my quilts that I wanted to hang up. I took into consideration that I only have so much height. I have vaulted ceilings, but the quilt needs to hang level. I didn't want the quilts to touch the ground either so I made sure I had about a foot before the ground.

Once I figured which quilt would fit that space, I measured the biggest one. Then I searched for a curtain rod that was five inches bigger than that. I found one I liked on Amazon. 

We anchored the curtain hangers into the wall and took special care to make sure they were level. 

Curtain Hangers on the Wall

With long curtain rod like this, it comes with three hangers to provide a center support. I made sure the two outside hangers were far enough apart to not interfere with the quilts. 

I put the curtain on the rod with the sleeve, and tried hanging it. (See this post about quilt sleeves.

Quilt on the Curtain Rod

The center support messed with the quilt sleeve so the quilt would not hang straight. So had to do some simple altering. I added two slits in the sleeve in the middle of the quilt. 

Slits in the Quilt Sleeve

Then the center support curtain hanger could go through the bottom one and poke up through the top one. 

Quilt hanger poking through the quilt sleeve

Doesn't it look great?!?  

Quilt hung up

It is going to be fun changing out the quilts for the seasons!

Have fun quilting!

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