Grandma's Quilt for my Uncle

My grandma was a quilter.  She was a member of the Utah Quilt Guild. She taught classes, and made quilts for a living. She died in 1993 when I was very young and had not yet discovered the awesome-ness of quilting. 

A few months ago, my mom passed some of Grandma's quilting stuff on to me. There was her class notes, lots of patterns, a quilting frame, and a box of fabric. 

Grandma's quilting supplies

The only thing my mom asked, was to please make a quilt for my uncle. Long story short, he never got a quilt from Grandma. So I went through the fabric, and the pre-made blocks. They seemed to be left overs from various other projects.  Lots of different colors, sizes and shapes. 

Organizing blocks with grandmas quilt blocks and fabrics

It took some time, but it was great to put this quilt together. I loved thinking about how she was the one that had sewn these pieces together. She was the one that drew these lines and cut out these pieces. 

Grandma Quilt

I only had to add a few things to complete it. I loved working on it. 

I put a spare block on the back for the label. 

Back of Grandma quilt with spare block

I loved how it turned out. I hope my uncle loves it.

Have fun quilting!

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