Galaxy Quilt

I have a brand new niece! That means I get to make a new baby quilt!

Her family doesn't like to find out the gender of the baby before they are born. This has led to some difficult quilting decisions. For their first baby, they were living in a different state than the rest of the family. So I found a gender neutral quilt panel of the map of the United States. This theme of a map carried us to the next baby when I went for a map of the world. For the third baby, it was a depiction of the solar system. 

Here they are on number four, and what is bigger than the Solar System? The Galaxy!

Galaxy quilt

The thing about this one is that I ordered the panel and forgot to concentrate on gender neutral colors. I was having a hard time finding anything I liked, so when I found this one I jumped on it and ordered it. It is from the Galaxy Blast line for Blank Quilting. I got it off of Etsy. 

Well, the baby was getting closer to coming, so I sat down to work on it, and realized that this panel was high in the pink and purple colors. But luckily for me, not for momma, but baby came a little early. She is doing great, but that helped me know that it was ok to add a bunch of pinks and purples into it.

Adding the binding to the Galaxy Quilt

I quilted it in a swirly look that I have been wanting to try for a while. I think it goes well with the theme. 

Swirly Quilting Pattern

It was pretty fun to do on my domestic machine. 

Side Shot of the Galaxy Quilt

The binding came out perfect too!

Binding on the Galaxy Quilt

For the back I used a Grey Stonehenge fabric from Northcott Fabrics. 

Back of the Galaxy Quilt

And there it is! I love how bright it turned out and how all the colors work so well together. I love how the panel and the other fabrics work well together. 

Front of the Galaxy Quilt

I know my sweet little niece is going to love cuddling in it! 

Have fun quilting!

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