Card Trick Mini Quilt

I was doing some research for a pattern I am working on, and I stumbled across a free pattern and You Tube video from Sue Bouchard. It looked so easy and fun I decided I could squeeze it in and do some sewing for me. 

Mini Card Trick Quilt

I picked some adorable fabrics from my stash. It takes less than a fat quarter of each.

Fabric Selection for card trick mini quilt

Sue Bouchard makes it easy to create the tiny pieces by using chain piecing, and strip piecing.

Chain Piecing Mini Pieces

The center for the card trick block ended up to be one inch square.

1 inch quilt blocks

A dozen mini blocks

The side pieces are only 1 3/4 inches long.

Side blocks for card trick blocks

Here they are all finished.

Card Trick Block

I love how they all look together. 

Card Trick Blocks with lattice

Finished size is about 9 inches by 11 inches.

Card trick mini quilt on the sewing machine

This mini quilt involves the small pieces I have ever put together. I love how it came together. 

Card Trick Mini Quilt

There are a few mistakes in the pattern, but it was nothing that could be easily worked around. 

Here is a link to her pattern:

Have fun quilting!

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