Pumpkin Quilt Block Tutorial

Welcome to Fall! Halloween is coming up and my kids keep asking me when we are going to carve pumpkins. I figure it isn't the 31st yet! There is still plenty of time. So instead I made a pumpkin quilt block.

Pumpkin quilt block

It is pretty simple so I thought I would share!

There is lots of things you can do with this block. I talk more about them at the bottom of this post. 

For this block, you will need:

Orange -1 at 6x6 inch square

Yellow - Four at 2x2 inch squares, One at 6x2 inch strip, Two at 9.5x2 inch strip, and Two at 2.75x2 strips

Brown - One at 2x1.5 inch rectangle

Fabric selection for pumpkin block

First, line up the four yellow squares into the corners of the orange square. 

Yellow Squares in each of the corners of the orange square

Draw a line from corner to corner on the yellow blocks. These are the corners that do not line up with the orange corners. (You can faintly see my lines here.) Then stitch the orange and yellow squares together, following on the lines you drew. 

Sewing the yellow squares to the orange square

It should look like this so far.

Yellow squares stitches to the orange square.

Trim the excess by cutting a 1/4 inch away from the stitching line as shown below.

Trimmed away the excess.

Press towards the orange.

Pumpkin pressed open

Next, work on the stem of the pumpkin. Stitch together the two 2.75x2 rectangles with the brown rectangle in the middle of the yellow strips. It should look like this. 

Making the stem of the pumpkin

Stitch it to the top of the pumpkin square. 

Stem added to the top of the pumpkin block

Then add the rest of the borders. The 6x2 inch strip goes on the bottom and the remaining strips to the side. 

Borders added to the pumpkin block.

There you go! It is super simple  and you can change up the measurements to make any shape and size of pumpkin. This can also be used as an apple block with some colors changes. 

If you want to make it a jack-o-lantern just applique on some white triangles for eyes and a mouth. For this, you can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like. 

Close up of jack-o-lantern face on pumpkin quilt block.

I made my pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern

Have fun making your pumpkin block, and please send me pictures of your completed block so I can admire your work too!

(By the way, I fully admit that I am not perfect. I have thread fraying from my fabric. My seams might not be completely straight. But I fully expect that you are not perfect either and you will understand. Thanks!)

Have fun quilting!

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