Faux Scrappy Quilts

When I was making my last quilt block, I really wanted a scrappy look. But I didn't have fabrics that coordinated just right. So I opted for a "Faux Scrappy" look. 

What is Faux Scrappy, you ask? 

(I don't know if I invented this term or not, but it's a new idea in my neck of the woods!)

Faux Scrappy is when you use the backside of a fabric for additional fabric. For example, shown below is 3 different fabrics, but if you use the backsides of the fabrics, you have the option for 6 different looks. 

Different looks of fabrics on different sides

Here I have made half square triangles using the same blue and white fabrics. One stack is made with the right side of the fabric, the other with the wrong side of the fabric. 

Two different half square triangles using the same fabric

Here is shown a quilt block made with these three fabrics in a faux scrappy look. 

Faux Scrappy Quilt Block

This doesn't work with all fabrics. So audition your fabrics before you use them. But it's great when your fabric selection is limited and you want a scrappy look. 

Have fun quilting!

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