Fabric Requirement Estimations for Quilts

 Have you ever been walking through the fabric store, saw some fabric that you adore, and you just know you want to make a quilt out of it?

What a silly question! Of course you have, because you are a quilter!

Well, if you don't have a pattern in mind, how much fabric should you buy?

Row of bolts of fabric

Fabric Estimations for Quilt Tops 

This is an estimation of what you will need for each quilt top. It is only an estimation because it depends on what blocks you make. Some blocks are more intricate and require more fabric. Get extra fabric if you don't think you will able to get more if you run out prematurely.  The amounts given are totals of all fabrics used. (i.e. Crib quilts could use 1 yard of one fabric, a yard of another, and a 1/2 yard of another. Totaling 2 1/2 yards.)

Crib - 2 1/2 yards

Twin - 6 1/2 yards

Queen - 9 yards

King - 13 yards


Fabric Estimations for Quilt Backs 

This is an estimation of what you will need for each quilt back. This will depend on the exact dimensions of the quilt. This is based on 42 inch wide fabric that is pieced together.

Crib - 2 yards

Twin - 5 yards

Queen - 7 1/2 yards

King - 8 yards


Have fun quilting and fabric shopping!

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