Color Theory Class

During Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest, I took a class on Color Theory. 

It was taught by the lovely Katie Fowler. 

Katie Fowler teaching Color Theory

Her saying is "Color theory is a rule, not a tool." 

We used her workbook and the color wheel set.

Workbook by Katie Fowler

We didn't talk a lot about actual color theory. But she did talk basics and identified some things like hue, value, saturation, and grey scale. 

Most of the time we spent exploring colors. I had fun playing. 

We sorted buttons according to the color wheel. 

Sorting buttons according to the color wheel

I think it turned out rather pretty.

Color wheel of buttons

So I took a few from each section and glued them to a piece of card stock. It will make some fun wall art.

Button color wheel

We also cut out colored papers, played with fabric, and experimented with colored pencils.

Paper hexies color wheel

With this paper, I took my favorite color (blue) and payed with different color combinations. Like color triads, double compliments, and analogous complements.

Color pencil scribbles

While I didn't learn a lot about the scientific theory of color, I now feel like I have more avenues to help me when I deciding on colors and fabrics for my quilts. 

If you need more help picking colors and fabrics, try one of these techniques or use Katie's workbook. (It is like a coloring book!)

Have fun quilting!

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