Chain Piecing

Chain piecing makes sewing and quilting so much faster! You can just keep sewing and sewing and not have to stop to clip threads. 

I like to chain piece my blocks in the order that they are laid out so I won't have to clip any of the thread between!

I made an example block to show you.

First, I laid out the squares in the way I wanted them to be in the end.

Chain Piecing Steps

 Next, I laid the second row of blocks onto the first row, right sides together. I take note of which side needs to be stitched. (i.e. for this row I will need to stitch on the side side of these squares.)

Chain Piecing - fold over the pieces

Next, I take it to the sewing machine. Be careful to make sure the blocks stay right side up an in order. 

Sew the first seam on the first square. If you feel like back-stitching, feel free!

Chain piecing

Then, at the end of the square, either take a couple stitches off the fabric, or pull the threads about 1-2 cm. Put the next set of squares up to the presser foot and start stitching. 

Chain Piecing

You will have a nice "banner" of squares coming off the back of your machine. 

Chain Piecing

 I like to take this strip of squares and lay them back out to make sure they all still match up. 

Chain Piecing

 I also like to take it to the iron like this also, I can lay them out and press them all at once. 

Chain Piecing

Here is the final block all put together! I love the way it turned out. And chain piecing really made it fast and easy. 

HST block made with Chain piecing

Have fun quilting!

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