Bargello Table Runner Quilt Class

I was able to take a few classes at the Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest last month. I love taking classes on things that are on my quilting bucket list!

I have always want to make a Bargello quilt, so I jumped at the opportunity to take this class. It was taught by Liz Teerlink. 

Bargello Quilt Class in session

The way she taught was the way I love in quilting classes. She handed us the pattern, gave us a few tips and tricks, then let us loose to sew. Every once in a while she would stop us and show off the next part of the pattern. It was great! I loved it!

I find that I am pretty fast at sewing. I figured out it is because I don't pin the seams together before I sew. I just make sure the seams line up as I go. It gets me into trouble every once in a while, but I don't mind. 

Strips ready to be sewn together

I love how quickly it all came together.  I even tried out something new with the quilting. I did wavy vines with leaves. It turned out great.

Quilting on the quilt top

I made it extra long to go on my extra long dining room table. 

Completed Bargello Table runner in blue, green, brown, and white

I had a lot of fun in this class! Find a class near you and sign up just for fun!

Have fun quilting!

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