Review About Cheryl Ann's Portable Quilting Design Wall

First off, I would like to share that there are no affiliate links in this post. I was not paid for my time or opinion. I am writing this blog post only because I want to share my opinion.

I received a Cheryl Ann's Design Wall as a Christmas present a few years ago.  At the time, we were living in a small space with two small children. My sewing area was a corner of our living room on a card table. There wasn't a lot of room to do much. 

This portable design wall seemed perfect for my needs. 

Cheryl Ann's Design Wall

I was diving head first into my quilting journey. Most of the time, I would lay my blocks out on the floor, but they couldn't stay there long before a kid came running into the room and across my blocks. 

This design wall sets up like a tent. It has the spring poles that holds everything up and a piece of flannel for the blocks to stick to. 

It takes me about 5 minutes to set it up and is pretty sturdy when left alone. I have had kids bump into it and knock it over a few times when it was in the middle of the room. But besides blocks falling off, it didn't seem to damage it in any way. 

I do find that if I want to have the blocks stay longer than a few minutes, I like to pin them on to ensure they will stay in place. 

When it is all folded up and put away it is pretty small and easy to store. 

Overall, it is a good product. 

Have fun quilting!

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  • I found it difficult to set up and it was probably because one hook was missing. The fabric pieces kept falling off the board and once I put batting over the flannel it worked perfectly. I’m not thrilled with it and may work on a better design.,


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