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Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest Classes

Quilting Samples from quilting classes

I was able to take a few classes at Quilt Fest that is hosted by the Utah Quilt Guild. Take a look at what I learned about with machine quilting!


Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest Quilt Show

Utah Quilt Guild
These are just a few of the awesome quilts I saw at the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest -Quilt Show! Such amazing work!

How to Make the Ombre Block - Technique Tuesday

Ombre Quilt Block for the Block of the Month
This year, for the quilt guild I am apart of, I am providing instructions for how to make a different quilt block each month. For the month of September, we learned about the Ombre Block. 

Visit to the Utah Quilt Guild Museum

Utah Quilt Guild Museum
You should go check out the Utah Quild Guild Museum at the This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are so many cool historical quilting things to see there!

How To Make a Roman Stripe Block - Technique Tuesday

Roman Stripe Quilt Block in blues
This month for the "How-to Block of the Month," we are learning about the Roman Stripe Block.

More Color Ways for the Quilt Guild How-To-Blocks

More Color Ways for the Quilt Guild How-To-Blocks
For those of you that are interested, Here are some different color ways for the How-To Blocks for my local Quilt Guild.

How to Make a China Doll Block - Technique Tuesday

China Doll Block

This month for the "How-to Block of the Month," we are learning about the China Doll Block. This block has a lot of pieces, but when you break it down, it is pretty easy. 

How to Make a Rolling Star Block - Technique Tuesday

Rolling Star Block
For the month of April, my quilt guild learned how to make the Rolling Star Block. I love that it uses three fabrics and two sizes of squares. 

Quilt Guild - Sweets and Stash Swap - Great Meeting Idea

Stash and Sweet Swap at the Quilt Guild Meeting
For April's quilt guild meeting, we had a "Sweets and Stash Swap." What is that you ask? It is such a fun idea that I thought would be fun to try out!

Weekly Update - UQG Quilt Fest

Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest 2018
This week I attended Utah Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Fest. I love going to this each year. 

Weekly Update - Finished a WIP and Started Something New

Moroccan Lullaby Quilt
As things get crazy towards the end of the school year, sometimes my sewing had to take a back seat to life.  But to keep myself happy, I have been working on finishing this WIP (Work In Progress) from last Fall.

Weekly Update - WIP, UQG, and UQSM

This week I was pretty busy quilting, but not on a new pattern. There was a lot of WIP, UQG, and UQSM going on!