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Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest Quilt Show

Utah Quilt Guild
These are just a few of the awesome quilts I saw at the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest -Quilt Show! Such amazing work!

Visit to the Utah Quilt Guild Museum

Utah Quilt Guild Museum
You should go check out the Utah Quild Guild Museum at the This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are so many cool historical quilting things to see there!

Weekly Update - UQG Quilt Fest

Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest 2018
This week I attended Utah Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Fest. I love going to this each year. 

Weekly Update - Sewing Machine Repairs and more Row by Row

Brother machine getting dropped off for repair

"So I let out a deep sigh and resigned myself to the fact that I had to seek professional help."