How to Use a Bias Tape Maker

I recently acquired a set of bias tape makers. These help make bias tape so easily! They come in lots of different sizes for all your bias tape making needs. Let talk about how to use these fun tools!

Bias Tape Makers in various sizes

I am using a size 9. The number indicates how many millimeters wide the tape will come out. So this orange tape maker makes 9 mm wide tape. 

Bias Tape maker close up

I started by cutting some fabric strips on the bias. The width I cut them was twice the width of the nose of the tape maker. (Or twice the size number in mm.) You don't have to use bias cut fabric, but that is what I needed it for. 

Strips of bias cut white fabric

Then I sprayed the strips with starch. This will help them hold their shape after they are pressed.  I threaded the fabric through the back end till it popped out the nose of the tape maker.

Insert fabric into Bias Tape Maker so it pokes out the end

If you are having difficulty getting the fabric to go through, use a needle or an awl in the slit to push the fabric towards the nose. 

Help the fabric go through the bias tape maker by pushing it with a needle in the slot

 Next, pin the fabric to the ironing board. This is not required, but it makes it a lot easier.

Pin end of bias tape to the ironing board to have an anchor point

Then, gently pull the tape maker away from the pin. Make sure the seam stays on the top, in the middle. Press the tape as you go. 

Iron the bias tape as it comes out of the bias tape maker

This is what it should look like as you go. 

This is how it should look. White fabric going through a tape maker

 When I am done, I like to flip it over and give it a good press from the back. 

Pile of Bias tape. Tape makers make this so easy

To use the tape as binding, you will need to fold it in half with the seam on the inside and press. 

I make a bunch of white bias tape in no time with the bias tape makers.

I am going to use these as little stripes in my current applique project, so I am not going to fold them in half. 

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If you have any questions or comments about bias tape making, leave a comment below!

Have fun quilting!

Have fun quilting!

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